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Materials and size

Matte Canvas On Stretcher Frame


The matte surface of classic canvas gives your photo a lively look with a soft feel. The canvas texture elevates your image’s natural warmth, making it an especially great choice for portraits and still lifes.

Matte Canvas On Stretcher Frame.png

Our photo canvases wrapped on stretcher frames use a premium print valued for its rich, luminous colours. Using a highly advanced, 8-colour Inkjet printing technique, the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades.


The canvas print is wrapped on a high-quality stretcher frame. Reinforced corners prevent warping. This makes tightening or refitting the canvas later unnecessary. We only use spruce from sustainable forests.

Glossy Canvas On Stretcher Frame


Your photo print with the classic canvas texture appears very natural thanks to its materiality. The glossy surface lends your canvas print a special luminosity and vividness. Create your canvas wall art with the photo of your choice. The glossy look is especially suited to images with lots of contrast and rich colours.

  • Especially suited to images with lots of contrast and rich colours

  • Classic canvas texture

  • Glossy surface

Glossy Canvas On Stretcher Frame.png

Your glossy photo canvas stands out through its rich colours; deep,  dark tones; and strong contrasts  - all thanks to digital latex printing. The high resolution and precise hues give your canvas picture a detailed appearance. The colours on the printed canvas  do not run and are therefore very durable.

Textile Print On Stretcher Frame


A textile canvas print is a good alternative to a traditional canvas print. The fine, smoothly woven fabric has a subtle texture with a glossy finish. The surface’s texture adds life to your picture. We only use non-toxic textiles awarded the internationally recognized Oeco-Tex Standard 100.

  • Glossy finish: strong shimmer

  • Fabric texture

Textile Print On Stretcher Frame.png

The sublimation print applies your photo to fabric with crisp detail and brilliant color. The dye sublimation process vaporizes the inks into the material for exact color rendering with sharp contours. First your photo is reversed and printed onto transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet pigments. This is  then vaporized into the fabric using heat and pressure. The resulting image will not crack at the edges, and is resistant to small splashes of water.


Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

In combination with aluminum Dibond, a three-layer material, photos behind acrylic glass are particularly sturdy. Permanently  elastic silicone is the ideal substance for sealing different materials to each other. It is flexible and intercepts material expansion due to temperature fluctuations. This guarantees lasting, bubble-free and crack-free mounting.

Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass.png

Acrylic glass is light, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations. The properties of your photo print are intensified when it is mounted under glossy acrylic glass, which highlights the vivid color and enhances the impression of depth.

UltraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass


Perfection with New and Improved Acrylic ultraHD Photo Prints! With the new Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the volume of the color space has been increased an additional 21%. Darker and very saturated colors in particular are more brilliant and depicted with more detail.

UltraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass.png

Through the increased dynamic range and increased maximum density, your Acrylic ultraHD Photo Prints appear more vivid and rich in contrast than conventional photo prints.

  1. Crystal clear acrylic glass

  2. UltraHD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper

  3. Sturdy aluminum Dibond backing

Acrylic Print With Slimline Case


Slimline Case: The Perfect Finishing Touch For Your Acrylic Photos. Our aluminum Slimline Frame is an all-around fantastic finishing touch for any acrylic  glass photo print. The frame’s small width and depth bring out the best in your acrylic glass photo prints, without drawing too much attention to the frame itself.

Acrylic Print With Slimline Case.png

1. 1 mm wide aluminum case

2. 0.5 cm deep

3. Sophisticated aluminum look with a subtle effect

With the  minimalistic Slimline Case, your Acrylic Photo has a clearly defined, yet subtle border with a aluminum look. At just 1 mm, this frame is very thin, so it fits with all images. 

Photo Print On Aluminum Backing


Although it is extremely robust, aluminum Dibond has a low weight, meaning it is also perfect for large-format pieces. You photo print is laminated with a thin film for protection and mounted on the aluminum Dibond without any bubbles.

1. Photo print with UV protective laminate

2. Aluminum sheet

3. Black polyethylene core

4. Aluminum sheet

Photo Print On Aluminum Backing.png

With no glazing, an Original  Photo Print On Aluminum  Dibond has a purist look. Aluminum Dibond is a 3mm-thick composite material with three layers. Two white-coated aluminum plates enclose a black polyethylene core. Viewed from the sides, the material appears black.

UltraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Backing


The Next Evolution in Aluminum Mounted UltraHD Photo Prints! True details, powerful colors, and long-lasting mounting. With the new photo paper that we developed together with the pros at Fujifilm, we are taking our UltraHD photos mounted on aluminum to the next level in quality. Experience UltraHD with more luminosity and contrast than ever before.

UltraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond.png

Over 10% more maximum density for deeper black with finer details. 21% more color space volume for more saturated and vivid colors. Increased light-resistance for longer-lasting, luminous color.

1. Ultra HD Photo Print with UV protective laminate.

2. Aluminum layer

3. Synthetic core

4. Aluminum layer

Size Chart


Order art

To order art, write to me on WhatsApp: +1-646-980-6431. This is the best way to place an order.

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