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I am creating stunning art to order in a web format or print on glass and other materials...


You can invest in my nft art. I release art on socially important topics.
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We will help you increase the number of views using professional thumbnails for your videos. My thumbnails are suitable for 90% of the content on YouTube...


In the store, you can order the production of personal art in different styles in the web format, as well as print it or order art with print on various materials...



Hello! My name is Alex, but everyone knows me under the pseudonym DESCILLSS. I am creating art for individuals and companies. Before creating art, I worked for many years in the field of design, photography, and professional video editing. 


I also create excellent lightroom presets with which you can decorate your Instagram profile in certain styles.


Your every order is a support for me.



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 WhatsApp: +1-646-980-6431
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  Instagram: Deskillss
 Twitter: Deskillss_blog