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NFT art development strategy

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I decided to start producing NFT video arts on socially significant topics. Every month I will upload on the Foundation platform from 1 to 4 video arts until 2031. If I get support in advertising my work, then I will continue to release video arts. The most important condition is 1 art per 1 person.

I donate part of the income from 30 to 70% to charities related to art (it all depends on the final price of the auction and the cost of advertising the project, because the main goal is to draw people's attention to the problems). I am ready to publish all reports on payments to charitable organizations in my twitter, telegram and blog (here on the site).

If you want to to catch and BUY my video arts, subscribe to the email newsletter below. I will send you a notification when an art will be available for sale. I send notifications to all my platforms, including Instagram (you can turn on notifications about new stories), Twitter, and Telegram (push notifications from my community are allowed by default; I will not send spam in the community).

Soon: I'm also going to make 30 collectible cards on the NFT platform Rarible for some of the news stories.

I need your support to allow more people to see my video arts and make my work more appreciated in society. Help the project develop on Patreon.

Top donators on Patreon will be able to receive exclusive notifications about new arts and quickly buy my works. My social networks:

Twitter: Instagram: Telegram (news): A little about me: in the design industry for over 9 years. There is a small business of making thumbnails. You can also see my portfolio for Behance.


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