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Instructions for optimizing presets for photos

Presets work well with photos, but sometimes presets require a little adjustment of the settings, which is what we will do in this article. The instruction is relevant for the PC and the Mobile version of Lightroom.

As an example, take this photo:

Let's apply the preset from the "Deep" pack to the photo:

The result was a dark photo. We will fix this. Move the "Temp" slider to the right. Thus, we increased the "temperature" of the picture:

Already better, but I would like to lower the "shadows" slider to remove some shadows and make the photo a little darker:

It turned out well, but the main character does not stand out against the background of the composition and looks pretty dark. Let's fix it due to the radial filter, apply the filter from the preset:

That's all! We made the photo more saturated, highlighted the main character, and slightly darkened the minor parts in the photo.

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