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Making thumbnails


By increasing the attractiveness of the thumbnails by 1%, from 10% to 11% CTR, you'll roughly get 100,000 new views per 1,000,000 current views. The higher the CTR of a video, the more likely it will be chosen by the YouTube platform to appear on the recommended page. CTR of thumbnails is important in promoting a video as the percentage of time it takes to keep a viewer.

Thumbnails pay for themselves with views and new subscriptions, as well as in YouTube trends. The main goal of our thumbnails is to get you as many views as possible on your YouTube content. We have a lot of experience in this area, we have been working for more than 4 years and have produced more than 7,000 thumbnails for our clients. To order miniatures, write to me in WhatsApp or e-mail - my team will make your order in just 1-2 days.



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